Is Your Business Disaster Prepared?


We've all seen the news as of late regarding natural disasters. The flooding, loss of power, loss of business, the human impact. How we prepare ourselves for these natural disasters has a direct effect on how well we can manage the outcome.
In a business looking to minimize the risk of IT failure, there are extremely important areas that need to be addressed.

Let's take a look:

  1. Risk Assessment / Business Impact Analysis: A risk assessment is the process of identifying potential hazards and what could happen if they occur. A business impact analysis is the process for determining the impacts from the interruption of business processes.
  2. Disaster Recovery Plan / Business Continuity Plan: An IT Disaster Recovery Plan should be developed alongside a Business Continuity Plan. Strategies should be set in place to restore hardware, software and data to minimize business downtime and keep the business running. Offsite data/backup storage is essential and should be at the top of any DRP/BCP.

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